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The ten thousands-ton-level cold storage(30,000 tons) together with a processing plant (8000 square meters) which are invested by Blue Snow Food Co., Ltd. are located in the national bonded area of Meishan. A new land covers about 35,000 square meter. Its construction area is about 29,000 square meters and fixed assets is 160,000,00. There are two ten thousands-ton-level cold storages and a two-floor processing plant(40,000 square meters per floor) in the new land.
1# cold storage is multilayer library, partially using drive-in racks, each layer net height can be stacked with goods of 3 pallet layers. Germany electric forklift truckis are used in 1# cold storage. 2# cold storage is high single layer library, using narrow aisles selective racks, each layer net height can be stacked goods of 7 pallet layers. Germany-origin imported electric man-up turret truck are used in 2# cold storage. Two cold storages total capacity can reach 30,000 tons. Both use industry-leading refrigeration and insulation technology to ensure superior performance of refrigeration and insulation. The storage temperature is up to -25℃.The totally enclosed hallway and fast-moving in-and-out facility can ensure the cold chain control for the frozen products.
Between the two cold storages, there is the facility for CIQ(CHINA ENTRY-EXIT INSPECTION AND QUARANTINE BUREAU) inspection. It ensures the integration of the inspection and the storage for imported frozen products.On 18th February 2016, blue snow cold storage was designated as the inspection area for the imported frozen meat by AQSIQ(Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine). It is the 2nd in Ningbo(total 4 the whole ZheJiang province)cold storage which achieves the integration of the inspection and storage for imported meat. Blue Snow will cooperate with inspection and quarantine department supplying with excellent facility and service for inspection and storage of imported meat. Meanwhile, Blue Snow cold storage has been designated by Chinese custom as the bonded cold storage, which brings the achievement of bonded storage for imported frozen products in blue snow cold storage. Thus Blue Snow cold storage now posses all storage functions under CIQ record library , CIQ imported meat designated inspection area, custom bonded cold storage and non bonded cold storage, which will supply with convenient storage service not only for Blue Snow self but also for the 3rd parties.                 
The two-layers processing plant(8000 square meters) is currently equipped with two IQF production lines, two quick freezing rooms. Production processing from raw materials processing, rough finishing, fine finishing, inner packing, outer packing ect. is smooth and reasonable. It can meet the needs of professional processing, fast frozen and packing, etc. The processing plant is equipped with advanced facility. The temperature and hygiene are strictly controlled during the whole production processing.
The plant also is equipped with internal lab to ensure the safety for processing from raw materials to final products. All production processing is strictly controlled under the HACCP system, meanwhile the personnel training and health management are well carried out. The processing plant also has passed the audit for export to EU and USA.